Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Reader's Diary #2094- Jacob M. Held (editor): Wonder Woman and Philosophy

Wonder Woman and Philosophy: The Amazonian Mystique is my second foray into the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series and I've quite enjoyed both though they are quite different. Though my earlier choice also had a superhero focus (Iron Man vs Captain America) that one was, due to the nature of the topic, set up more as a debate whereas the Wonder Woman book just explored a whole bunch of angles in the character's mythology and history and how they could be interpreted under a philosophical lens. Is the use of her magical lasso, for instance, ethical?

Another major difference was the introduction of female philosophers. Perhaps it's not surprising that a book about Wonder Woman would have a bit more acknowledgment of great female thinkers (Simone de Beauvoir features heavily) I was a bit dismayed in my earlier attempts this year to explore philosophy to find an almost dearth of female thought. Finally Wonder Woman and Philosophy has pointed me towards more writers to explore that are not men.

One thing that has been consistent across these two books in the series, however, is the (not surprising) fact that as collection of essays from different authors, I appreciated some more than others. Not that there were any I hated, mind you, there were just some I felt frustrated that I couldn't argue or ask questions about point points I wished were addressed.

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