Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Reader's Diary #2097- Patrick Allaby: Martin Peters

Patrick Allaby's graphic novel Martin Peters is a fictional coming of age biography about a teenage boy in New Brunswick with diabetes. Sort of. Though the cover may make you think it's all about diabetes, Allaby strikes a better balance than that. It's as much about relationships, puberty, and music as it is about diabetes. Sure he gets into things like symptoms and dangers and so on but it doesn't come across as an "educational" comic (you know, the sort that teachers hand out because they think all comics are cool but kids have no interest in them because they're so didactic). First and foremost, Martin Peters is a great story.

The cartooning is simple with an indie vibe. He mentions Chester Brown and you can see that influence. Maybe Seth, as well. It's also all done in gray scale which I always feel suits biographies well.

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