Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Reader's Diary #2100- Ogbewe Amadin: Riddle

Ogbewe Amadin's flash fiction "Riddle" is told from the perspective of a child who is wrestling with the fact that her aunt is a witch. This is, according to her mother, a bad thing but the girl becomes less and less sure as the story goes on.

On the surface, it's fine to leave at that. There seems to be a budding awareness in society these days that a lot of supposed witchcraft was rooted in misogyny, the patriarchy, Christian-based bigotry, and just plain old fear of the different.This story can be added to the voice of those that resist such prejudice.

But even extending beyond that, the story can also be viewed as a pivotal moment is all childhood: when we realize that our parents may not be perfect and may hold views of which we don't always agree.

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