Thursday, November 28, 2019

Reader's Diary #2107- Various writers and artists: What If? With Great Power

I just recently read a collection of Marvel's original What If? comics and while I enjoyed it, they were dated and complained at the time that these non-canon stories weren't as outlandish as many of the canon stories that came after. In particular, Spider-Verse, with its myriad universes of alternate Spider-Men but the Spider-Man What If? stories to shame.

So I was curious to see a modern take on the What If? stories. Surely these would have to up the ante. Sadly, not really. In fact, the very first story has Flash Thompson being bitten by the radioactive spider rather than Peter Parker. Yawn. A later sees Spider-Man adopting a Punisher persona. Slightly better. The best ones though were the Exe-Men (a sort of X-Man/ Matrix mash-up) and a story in which Thor had been raised by Frost Giants rather than Loki raised by Odin.

All in all though the collection was lackluster.

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