Tuesday, December 31, 2019

My Year in Review 2019 - Fiction and Nonfiction

The FICTION ranked from least favourite to favouite: Novels, Novellas, Short Story Collections, Plays, Picture Books, and Poetry (Graphic Novels recorded separately):

15. Gail MacMillan - Ghost of Winters Past
14. Scott O'Dell - Zia
13. Anthony Foliot Snowking - Tales of an Old Town Versifier
12. Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man 
11. Shauntay Grant - Africville
10. Richard Wagamese - Runaway Dreams
9. Neil Simon - Lost in Yonkers
8. Brooke Hartman - Dream Flights on Arctic Nights
7. Sean Michaels - Us Conductors
6. Neil Christopher - Taaqtumi
5. Bertolt Brecht - Galileo
4. Tunchai Redvers - Fireweed
3. Judy Blume - Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret?
2. Agatha Christie - The Mousetrap
1. Kai Miller - Augustown 

The NON-FICTION ranked from least favourite to favourite:

13. Barry Loewer - 30-Second Philosophies
12. Robin Short - Rock Stars
11. Motley Crue with Neil Strauss - The Dirt
10. Wilfred Buck - Tipiskawi Kisik
9. Brent Milano - Vinyl Junkies
8. Whit Fraser - True North Rising
7. Julia Christensen - No Home in Homeland
6. Nicolas Michaud and Jessica Watkins -  Iron Man vs. Captain America and Philosophy
5. Jacob M. Held - Wonder Woman and Philosophy
4. Alan Doyle - Where I Belong
3. Stephen Law - The Philosophy Gym
2. David Byrne - How Music Works 
1. Susan Orlean - The Library Book



Buried In Print said...

This year was the year I read Invisible Man too. Still so startlingly relevant: I was very impressed. (Also, I think you've mixed up the year in your title - the reading years all start to blur at some point, don't they? :))

John Mutford said...

Ooops! Thanks for the heads up!

Melwyk said...

You've read a lot of really interesting stuff this year. I feel like 2019 was one of my less successful reading years -- not as much read and not as many excellent choices found. Still quite a few! But not my usual ;)