Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Reader's Diary #2108- Matt Miner and Matt Maguire (writers), various artists: GWAR The Enormogantic Fail

Though I was a headbanger in my teenage years, and with a warped sense of humour, I strangely never got into GWAR. I respected their schtick, their crude jokes, cheap-looking over-the-top costumes, and bizarrely elaborate mythology, but their music just didn't do anything for me. Loud, sloppy, and weird? Three things I can sometimes appreciate, just not with GWAR.

I'll suggest that the comic encapsulates GWAR quite well. So I'd consider it a success in that regard. It tells of the members of GWAR (in their fictionalized alien warrior personas) on trial for a failed mission. Unfortunately each member has a different take on went wrong. The premise isn't bad but in true GWAR fashion, is barely even coherent. It is however, crudely funny and excessively violent.

If one could describe art as loud, it's downright deafening here. I enjoyed the fact that each member's account took on a different style and every style had an indie punk vibe.

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