Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Reader's Diary #2115- Robin Short: Rock Stars

My interest in curling has ebbed and flowed over the years. I played a bit in high school, I played a bit in Rankin Inlet, and just recently started up again here. I don't often follow the sport but I vividly recall the day Newfoundland's own Team Gushue won the Olympic Gold medal in 2006. I was teaching in Newfoundland at the time and we were given the afternoon off to watch the game. It was truly wonderful.

Just getting back into the game again, and figuring I'd have a better shot at understanding it, I decided to pick up a couple of books about Team Gushue and their historic win.

While I did at least understand Robin Short's book, it didn't always hook me. It bogged down with a lot of play by play, especially in the earlier chapters. And team skip Brad Gushue? Well, he didn't come across as the most thrilling of personalities. There's a local curling hero that occasionally hits the news for the wrong reasons (i.e., partying to the point where he can no longer curl). Brad seems like his polar opposite. Straight-laced and serious. Not a knock at the guy necessarily, but for a dynamic and interesting profile, perhaps at least a happy medium of personalities between Brad and the aforementioned legend would be nice.

It did, however, get more interesting toward the latter half of Short's book when he describes the actual Olympic game.

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