Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Reader's Diary #2117- Jonathan Maberry (writer), Scot Eaton (artist): Doomwar

It's a long way off until the next Black Panther movie but two of the more exciting rumours about the plot suggest that either Namor or Dr. Doom will make their first appearance in the MCU in this movie. If the latter is true, one of the likely comic adaptation is from Jonathan Maberry's run which saw Dr. Doom getting a hold of all of Wakanda's vibranium reserves.

It would be a timely film for a few reasons:
1. he uses nanites, or microscopic robots, to spy on the Wakandans and I don't think that technology is too far out there at this point
2. he sows seeds of discontent among the Wakandan people a la the Russians and the US
3. Shuri takes over the Black Panther mantle, and as a fan favourite this would please a lot of folks

Given all of that, I quite enjoyed the story. I also appreciated Maberry's depiction of Dr. Doom. He's complex enough and rather than just tell us that he's a genius and evil, he gives us great examples.

Eaton's art was fine but occasional gratuitous butt shots of Storm were annoying.

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