Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Reader's Diary #2154 - chris (simpsons artist): the story of life

First off, yes, the creator behind the story of life goes simply by chris (simpsons artist) and yes, none of it is capitalized. 

His work first came to my attention on someone's Twitter feed who clearly didn't get it. This was the photo, presented as an example of a shitty textbook in a shitty school:

This illustration, in fact, comes from the story of life and let me assure you, is not meant to be taken seriously. Mostly his art is intentionally wrong and weird. Weird for the sake of weird? Sure, so not everyone's cup of tea (my wife, for instance, understands that it's a joke, she doesn't find it particularly funny, while my daughter and I were in hysterics). I think what I appreciate is how it's presented as someone who tried to be serious, like a mocumentary, but who failed miserably. I also like how consistent it is. Most people have too many fingers and derpy eyes. Most animals have human faces. 

It's also largely positive and clean. Granted I like dark humour as well, there's something bizarrely uplifting about chris (simpsons artist)'s art. Like you believe his naivete and root for him. 

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