Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Reader's Diary #2167 - Ethan Sacks (writer), Paoli Villanelli (artist): Star Wars Bounty Hunters 1: Galaxy's Deadliest

I may get my nerd credentials revoked, but I've never been a huge Star Wars fan. Yes, that includes the originals. I mean, I liked them okay, but never invested in them they way I did, say, Marvel superheroes. 

I remember particularly getting hung up on the opening scrawl in the very first film. There was so much backstory moving by so fast and I got confused by it. Other fans either got and understood it all or didn't care. (I had other issues as well but that would be the subject of another post.) Over the years though, they've either filled in the gaps or I've picked up enough to gather the general idea of who's who, the bad guys vs. the bad guys, etc. 

Recently I got into the Mandalorian on Disney+ and have to say, that series is probably my favourite thing that franchise has ever produced. It led me to believe that I might enjoy a comic book series based on their bounty hunters. 

Unfortunately, those old feelings of being lost and overwhelmed came back. I had no idea who these characters were, what their motives were, nor really what the hell was going on. At one point I double checked to see if this was actually the first volume. Sure enough it was. I still have to assume that the majority of these characters were established elsewhere and that understanding this book depends on a much more intimate knowledge than I have. For a pretty surface level fan, it's a complicated, busy mess, and it's a shame because the art is quite good.

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