Thursday, March 25, 2021

Reader's Diary #2180 - Jay Bulckaert and Erika Nyyssonen (writers), Lucas Green (artist): King Warrior

Connections between Yellowknife and Somalia may not be immediately obvious and there certainly hasn't been much written about it, so when Jay Bulckaert and Erika Nyyssonen come along with a graphic novel that explores just that it's exciting indeed. 

King Warrior isn't nonfiction, but the frame story is certainly plausible. It's about a Somalian immigrant to Yellowknife named Awale who has taken up the dangerous role as a cab driver in the city. His wife and son remain back in Somalia and Awale kills time by sending his son chapters in a fantastical story that incorporates many local legends and northern settings. His son, Afrah, back in Somalia is entranced.

Thankfully Bulckaert and Nyyssonen consulted with Halima Muhamud to make sure Somali culture was realistic and respectful. Also, Lucas Green's art wonderfully captures Afrah's imagination with a friendly, curious style, while realistically portraying Yellowknife in the frame story.

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