Monday, May 24, 2021

Reader's Diary #2204 - Nick Sheri: A Passing Trance

 I often see people on Twitter laughing about their reluctance to answer a phone call, even (or in many cases, especially) of people they know. I'm guilty of that one. Hate talking on the phone and it's almost unbearable if I didn't initiate the phone call. And then people talking about dreading or ignoring emails and texts. Muting or blocking people on social media. It's so easy to disengage. I mean, I get it. We're bombarded like never before with media. Some disassociation is surely healthy. But sometimes, normal, healthy face-your-problems needs to happen to. 

This is what I found myself thinking about while reading Nick Sheri's flash fiction "A Passing Trance." The guy in his story doesn't use technology to distance himself, but has the ability to zone out to avoid stressful times or difficult conversations. I loved the depressing, edge of a cliff mood.

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