Friday, May 28, 2021

Reader's Diary #2206 - Walter Scott: Wendy Master of Art


I wasn't initially drawn into Walter Scott's graphic novel Wendy Master of Art. I started off thinking the art was bad and the story was going to be over-the-top just for the shock value. It opens with Wendy, a Canadian art student, stoned and chatting it up with a naked couple in a weird German bar.

Slowly but surely though, it won me over. There are mini-plots here or there among the larger plot of Wendy's art school journey. The plot isn't anything major, but there's a lot of humour and while it seems to take nothing seriously, especially not art, I wondered at the end if that was the point after all; that's it's all bullshit, but you have to find that balance between pretending it's not and just giving up altogether if you're to find any sort of happiness while we're going through it. 

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