Monday, May 31, 2021

Reader's Diary #2207 - Harlen Coben: The Key to My Father

 With the prolific output of a pulp fiction writer, I wasn't sure what to expect with a short story by Harlen Coben. I'll say though that I definitely enjoyed it enough to try his novels some day. 

In "The Key to My Father" the descriptions of his father's physical appearance were exceptionally well done. I'll admit that I didn't however understand why he focused so heavily on that aspect of his father at first. Without giving anything else away, it definitely wound up having a point.

One odd moment for me though was a comment that the narrator hadn't known that his father had served in the military. On the one hand, he seems to have been closer to his father than I consider me to mine, but I definitely talked to mine enough growing up to know such significant details of his past. This is not a criticism of Coben's writing or a way of saying it's implausible, but more of a general comment that people have weird relationships with their parents.

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