Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Reader's Diary #2225- Chuck Wendig (writer), Álvaro Sarraseca (artist): Turok Blood Hunt

Recently when I was wearing my Alpha Flight t-shirt a guy came up to me and mistook Shaman for Turok. I pride myself of knowing a lot of comics, but that one was new to me. He explained about how the character began in comics and then took on an resurgence in video games and he was problematic in both cultural appropriation and historical accuracy senses.

I went looking to see what I could find and came across the newer Dynamite series by Chuck Wendig and Álvaro Sarraseca. It was kind of smart how they dealt with the above issues. Humans living with dinosaurs is explained away as a mixup in realities and instead of being Native American, Turok is now black. He's (spoiler) merely taken the name Turok from the old character from comics that his daughter used to read.

I quite enjoyed this. Excellent world building, fast-paced action-filled story, with compelling characters and flashes of humour here and there. Plus, Álvaro Sarraseca's art is great, with a superhero comics style fitting of this universe.

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