Friday, September 03, 2021

Reader's Diary #2232- Sina Grace (writer), Derek Charm (artist): Jughead's Time Police

I'm not familiar with all of the comics that the recent Loki TV series pulled from, but after reading Sina Grace's first volume of Jughead's Time Police, I'd not be surprised if those comics were also an inspiration. Despite a more lighthearted Archie Comics approach (it begins with Jughead upset that he lost a pie baking competition after all), the story is shockingly similar to Loki

Confronted with alternate timelines that need to be erased according to the Time Police, Jughead encounters variants, awesomely drawn like past versions of himself- including Werewolf Jughead and even the Riverdale TV series character. 

It's fun, heartfelt, and full of wild sci-fi adventure.

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