Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Reader's Diary #2263- Barry Windsor-Smith: Monsters

This book came with a lot of hype, and everything about it seems to imply that it's a "serious work of art." 

Sadly, I couldn't get on board.

It deals with a clandestine mission of a branch of the American military to replicate some of the reprehensible human experiments of the Nazis. In the telling, it also delves quite heavily into post-traumatic stress disorder. 

I suppose the rejective of a straight forward narrative is one of the few positives I can take away, but otherwise it left me cold. Even the experiment itself doesn't really amount to much. It also seems dark at time for the sake of being dark.

Barry Windsor-Smith's art sure has its share of followers, and while I'm sometimes a sucker for gritty, black and white, crosshatching, I still wouldn't consider myself a fan. He can't, for instance, draw children. Knowing he came from a Marvel background, I'm not terribly surprised by that. Kids, especially in 70s era Marvel comics are drawn like miniature adults and it's freaky. Also, I found his placement of speech balloons, which often extended out of one panel into the next, sometimes difficult to follow. 

Not one of my graphic novels from the past year by any stretch.

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