Thursday, January 20, 2022

Reader's Diary #2273 - Ellen Hopkins: Crank

I've been fortunate enough not to have been really exposed to meth. But I'm certainly aware of its growing problem. So, it felt like as good a time as any to read what is becoming a young adult novel in verse on the subject: Ellen Hopkins' Crank.

It was an entertaining read and while that sounds like a bit of a slam for a book about an "important" subject, I 'll clarify. It comes across a bit melodramatic, but for young adult readers I suppose that's more likely up their alley. Hell, I loved Degrassi when I was that age and there was a different crisis each week. 

Was it educational? Did I learn something, or feel empathy? Well, maybe. I mean the flippant way everyone seems to be using I suppose is realistic in some circles. And I can imagine that to a teen girl wrestling with issues of a neglectful father, identity, and hormones, perhaps meth could at first promise a way of dealing with all that. Until, of course, it takes over and becomes the only problem that matters.

As for it being "in verse"? I can't say that I spent a lot of time reading the book as a series of poems to really consider if they stood up as poetry, but it did make the reading go fast and felt like a complete, "real" novel anyway. 

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