Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Reader's Diary #2275 - Philippe Girard, translated by Helge Dascher and Karen Houle: Leonard Cohen On a Wire

I suppose if you read someone's biography it's a fair expectation that they'd lose some of their mystique. But I'm left disappointed that Leonard Cohen came across as boring in Philippe Girard's graphic novel treatment, Leonard Cohen On a Wire

To be upfront, Cohen slept with a lot of famous women. That should be anything but boring, and yet when it seems to take up much of Girard's focus to the point where other aspects of his life seem rushed, or when these encounters never seem to have any dramatic ramifications, they become rote and mundane.

I did like the frame story of having Cohen dying on his bedroom floor, reflecting on his life. And the art was good. Still, I wish the book had been much longer and dug in deeper to Cohen's family life, his religion, and so forth. 

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