Saturday, January 29, 2022

Reader's Diary #2279 - Naoya Matsumoto: Kaiju No. 8 (volume 1)

Manga often has such great premises. Kaiju No. 8 by Naoya Matsumoto is no exception. 

It revolves around a man named Kafka Hibino who's trying out, probably for the last time given his age, for the Kaiju Defense Force. (Kaiju being giant monsters, of course.) The snag in his plans? He becomes a Kaiju himself, or rather possessed by one.

There are so many possibilities where this story can go. I'll likely never find out as I'm notoriously bad at continuing on with any manga series no matter how great that first book, but I can see how readers would be sucked in here. 

On top of the premise, there's some good character building, imaginative art, and great action. 

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