Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Reader's Diary #2287 - Isis Essery and Rhiannon White: I Love You More Than the North is Vast

From Isis Essery and Rhiannon White comes the board book I Love You More than the Earth is Vast which follows a familiar, but sweet pattern in which a caregiver declares their love for their child, but with northern similes. 

Some pages are comical (the nosy foxes!) but not hilarious. The vocab is mostly simple - true not every child would yet get "vast" or "aurora" but most board books are aimed at babies whose vocabs are just being built anyway, plus the sentiment will resonate anyway. And it's got a jaunty rhythm, complete with rhymes.

The art is amazing; stylistic, and engaging without being busy. The characters show diversity, which is also a nice touch.

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