Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Reader's Diary #3012- Cole Pauls: Pizza Punks Collection


After Macauly Culkin disappeared from the public eye for a while, naturally people began to wonder what he'd been up to. I don't think anyone predicted that he'd be in a punk band doing pizza-based parodies of the Velvet Underground. As amusing as that sounds, you know the novelty would quickly wear off.

Unless you're Cole Pauls who seems think the mere idea of pizza is sufficiently entertaining for a comic strip. Or several hundred comic strips.

Yeah, I didn't get this one. I'm all for weird. But man, the Pizza Punks Collection is simultaneously too much and too little.

It's a real shame as I loved his Dakwakada Warriors. Culled from zines, the best I can say about this collection is that it has a style and the energy of underground comics. But the pizza fixation grows old fast, not funny, not poignant, not anything.

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