Thursday, July 28, 2022

Reader's Diary #2028- Matt Owens (writer) and Juann Cabal (artist): Elektra Always Bet on Red

I like Marvel's Elektra character. Still, I realize she's never exactly been a top-tier character. Getting her own limited series maybe was an attempt to push her more to the spotlight, or perhaps to test the waters if there was a demand. 

I don't know though that Matt Owens' Always Bet on Red made a convincing case. But I'll defend on that front by saying it was a fun series, but I don't think he was given enough access to better characters. 

If Elektra's not top-tier, her adversaries in Always Bet on Red are even less notable: Arcade, with an assist from Screwball. Just the mere mention of these and we know there aren't going to any real stakes. Elektra will escape unscathed and larger ramifications in the Marvel universe will be minimal. (There are suggestions at the end that Arcade was just creating a diversion for Kingpin, a much more impressive villain, and suggesting at least some larger picture, but I wonder if that was enough to make any readers care, coming as it did late into the run and thrown out as too much of an aside.)

Juann Cabal's art is pretty good. I especially liked his play with action across multiple panels.

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