Thursday, September 29, 2022

Reader's Diary #2046 - Patti-Kay Hamilton: Trapline to Deadline

Trapline to Deadline
 is a brief memoir, a collection of vignettes really, by Patti-Kay Hamilton who recounts her time transitioning from trapper to CBC Radio reporter in the early 80s. 

One of the most memorable moments is when she recalls advice given to her by a former CBC manager, Bob Rhodes, who advised to imagine just speaking to one listener. It served her well over her years on the air, and I'd argue in her writing as well. 

These stories feel personal and the history she shares comes alive. Her voice is very warm, easy going, and magnetic. In one or two with more serious subject matter, I found it just a tad too light of a tone, but otherwise I was totally engaged with her recollections.

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