Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Reader's Diary #2048 - Various writers and authors: Marvel Voices: Identity

There's a scene in one of the stories in Marvel Voices: Identity, a collection of comics highlighting Marvel's Asian superheroes, in which the villainous Scarecrow whines that the Avengers aren't showing up to defeat him, adding, "I wasted all my rage-inducing pheromones on the damn B-team." He's referring to superhero's Silk and the Amadeus Cho version of the Hulk and, well, he's not exactly wrong is he?

And it's super frustrating because I've read collections of comics from both of those characters and I quite like them! But Marvel Comic's attempts are, in my opinion half-assed. If I was the editor, I'd kill off, retire, etc their legacy characters and keep those changes permanent. (It'll also be a far less bloated universe.) Until they do this, yes, it's going to be white Bruce Banner, white Peter Parker, Captain America, and so on who are the A-Team, the household names, while Silk and Amadeus Cho and the rest will be lesser known. 

But as this collection shows, they're solid characters! And yes, as all the contributing essayists state, their representation matters! But Marvel Comics needs to fully commit. So far Marvel Studios is looking far more promising in this regard.

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