Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Reader's Diary #2055 - Chelsey Blair: Rose's Reflection

 I've been thinking of the multiverse lately. You know that idea that comics popularized, but some physicists suggest might even be possible, that there are versions of us in alternate universes that are slightly different. 

I've been focusing more on the sheer fun of the possibility from a movie/comic book perspective. What if say Doctor Strange had to battle an evil version of himself? But while all that's entertaining, some of the philosophical questions have been intriguing me lately. The idea that other "me"s out there have made all those decisions I've questioned whether or not I should have made. How did their lives turn out? 

Anyway, in Chelsey Blair's "Rose's Reflection" there's a strange, but intriguing premise in which mirrors have been banned and it turns out that the reflection is really another version of yourself. Even more bizarre, Rose seems to have developed a crush on hers and seems to have found a way to meet. 

Honestly, I was more enthralled by the premise than the follow-through, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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