Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Reader's Diary #2062 - Daniel Scott Tysdale: The End is in the Middle

A huge fan of MAD Magazine, I was intrigued by Daniel Scott Tysdale's idea to write poems a la "MAD Fold-ins," the idea being that you can read most of the poem on the page and then fold the page in order to get the final line. (For those not acquainted with MAD Fold-ins, Al Jaffee would draw a photo with a riddle underneath and you could fold the page to get a new image and the answer to the riddle.)

Still, MAD Magazine was also known for juvenile puns (ex. New Kids on the Blech!) so I was unsure what to expect about the quality of poetry.

Make no mistake and gimmicks aside, Tysdale is the real deal. Yes, some poems have humour but not all. And there's lots of poignant ideas, emotion, and creative turns of phrase throughout this collection. Besides the fold-in angle, some of the poems also try more traditional forms. 

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